Mission or money: what is primary?

Social Entrepreneur Guest Post By John Herron How many psychiatric social workers do you know who have run a successful business? How many entrepreneurs do you know whose businesses are structured to be able to employ a workforce of individuals in recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders? How many instructors at elite universities[…]

Not Your Mentor's Nonprofit Sector Conference

It has been two weeks since the Social Enterprise Summit/World Forum conference in San Francisco. I am still following up on contacts, good and crazy ideas, and only now looking through scores of handwritten notes for highlights. Where I imagine I will uncover even more cool ideas. Find more photos like this on wdydwyd? This[…]

Social Innovation Fund

Comments submitted to White House staff responsible for the new Social Innovation Fund. [Because nonprofit groups often cannot expand ideas that work because the nonprofit marketplace is 180 degrees from how the private-investment marketplace works because they don’t have early access to capital for experimentation and expansion, testing innovation is tough.] Yes, and this gets[…]

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models for Giants

Stanford Social Innovation Review includes a brilliant paper that is very useful for the social enterprise/nonprofit leadership field, Ten Nonprofit Funding Models. But as usual, the Bridgespan Group researchers are looking only at the largest nonprofits. Their models were created by looking only at the relatively small group of huge nonprofit orgs (The NonProfit Times’[…]