What’s Next for Common Good Enterprise?

The enthusiasm and energy for socially-responsible and green business—particularly in the form of the benefit corporation—is gaining traction nationwide. But while the laws are intriguing and generating interest and opportunity, as consultants and trainers in this field, we can see the potential for job creation, revenue, and positive community impact—widespread adoption, coordination, research, and support[…]

Pushing for More Local Benefit Corporations and Social Enterprise

At an event last month with owners of sustainable businesses in Bethesda, Kasey Wright, of Jamie Raskin’s staff, mentioned that ChangeMatters is the only entity really pushing the agenda for social enterprises and benefit businesses in Maryland. Until she said it, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s true that this year we[…]

Working With Major Donors During a Tough Economy

Guest Post from David Robinson-Slemp, Development Director, Joe’s Movement Emporium (Mt. Rainier, Maryland). David is a friend and colleague from our work together raising money in Indian Country and in the local community arts scene. He offers this idea as a personal approach to major prospects and “high-influence” donors, especially for an organization in the[…]