Essential Studies, Research, and Such on Common Good Enterprise

As we gear up to release the first study of the first Benefit Corporations and Benefit LLCs in the first state to pass the laws (Maryland)…and as another colleague and I finish developing a University of Maryland professional writing class for social entrepreneurship…I thought it might be useful to jot down here a quick handful of[…]

24 Jan: Maryland’s Benefit Companies and Social Enterprise. Report & Discussion.

Save the Date! Report Release and Discussion Maryland’s Benefit Corporations and Companies Who They Are, What’s Happening with these Innovative Laws, and What Could It Mean for Social Enterpreneurs in the Region Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 9am – 11:30am (EST) Annapolis, Maryland RSVP

Questioning Failure

A guest post by researcher, consultant, and colleague Florence Navarro. In September the Unreasonable Institute’s blog ran a story about what I call the ‘succesful’ failure of Liga Masiva, a fair trade coffee company which sold directly from farmers in Latin America to North American customers. The article praised the company for its approach[…]

Determined DIY: One Entrepreneur’s Experience Filing a Maryland Benefit LLC

Social Entrepreneur, Guest Blog Post An emerging impact investor starting a new company and private equity firm shares his story of filing the company as a Benefit entity as a call for more resources for Benefit LLC registration, and as an effort to help other entrepreneurs. By David Sanders When Maryland passed the Benefit Corporation[…]

Six Topics for 2012 Good Enterprise Conferences

It’s (still kind of) the beginning of the year, so perhaps no surprise, but just today, I was asked for program input on three national conferences on local business, socially-responsible business, and the nonprofit sector. Which is kind of lovely, because that is the intersection where my team and professional buddies hang out. The queries forced me to slow down and consider: what are the big ideas that we’re working in and under. And that we’d love to dig deeper into and hear from colleagues on. […]

Morning Discussion on Maryland’s Benefit Corporations and LLCs

Maryland’s New Benefit Companies Analysis of the Maryland Benefit Corporations Act When: Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 9am – 11:30am (EST) Where: President’s Conference Center West 1 and 2 Miller Senate Building 100 State Circle, Annapolis Hosted by State Sen. Jamie Raskin RSVP: ChangeMatters, Benefit LLC will release findings from the first survey and report on[…]

Summer 2011 Update

ChangeMatters is a strategic consultancy serving early-stage “common good enterprises” in the US and abroad, through planning, training, development, and technical assistance.