First Things First: Before “what business filing option should I choose?”

We get this question a lot. A related question is, “Should we change our filing from [whatever it is now] to a Benefit Corporation or a Benefit LLC?” And while these are important choices to make, usually people ask it before they are ready for the answer. My advice always is to first really work[…]

Why We Filed (and No, There’s Not Really Anything in It For Us)

…if by “anything,” you mean something financial or tangible. A few weeks ago, I facilitated a panel response to the ChangeMatters report on the first wave of benefit corporations in the country and implementation of the first benefit corporation and LLC laws in the country. The audience was mostly emerging professionals in socially-responsible business—members of DC[…]

Why a report on Maryland’s Benefit Corporations?

Seems like not a week goes by without someone asking me: How many benefit corporations are there? What kinds of businesses do it and why? I can answer only anecdotally, in my opinion, and in my own experience as a Benefit LLC because, I explain, this is all still so new, we just don’t really[…]

Looking back: Gov. O’Malley on Maryland Benefit Corporations

As we go into a briefing and participatory meeting of colleagues about the evolution of social enterprise and socially-responsible business, let’s take a momentary step back. Here is a link to a quick video of Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley speaking in support of Benefit Corporations, at the launch of a new coffee importing business. –September 19th,[…]

Maryland…the California of Impact Innovation and Enterprise?

The first state to introduce and adopt Benefit Corporation and the only state so far to adopt Benefit LLC legislation, Maryland is poised to lead but may be losing its first mover status in the movement for common good enterprise. This is one of the concerns raised in a soon-to-be-released ChangeMatters report by Megan Burkhart,[…]

Analyses and Position Papers on Different Forms of Common Good Enterprise

Gearing up for back-to-back social enterprise, socially-responsible business events next week—our release of the first survey of Benefit Corporations and LLCs* (with analysis of implementation to date of Maryland’s new laws) and my first day of university teaching—Writing for Social Entrepreneurship, a new class in professional writing at University of Maryland. So…here’s a handful of[…]

Essential Studies, Research, and Such on Common Good Enterprise

As we gear up to release the first study of the first Benefit Corporations and Benefit LLCs in the first state to pass the laws (Maryland)…and as another colleague and I finish developing a University of Maryland professional writing class for social entrepreneurship…I thought it might be useful to jot down here a quick handful of[…]