Alignment from the Inside out

My goal was to start the day by centering the work around impact. From my pre-retreat survey of a community foundation board of directors and conversations with its leadership, I understood them to be facing a pileup of open program and policy issues with no clear path for making decisions. There was an underlying question about whether everyone agrees[…]

A Few Essential Truths About Fundraising

A few weeks back, in the late-night last hours of writing up a fundraising strategy for a client — after having gone back and forth with staff and executives, and earlier in the week with board members of another client — I posted a quick, hot note on LinkedIn: Thinking of drawing up a fresh list of really[…]

Not a Joke: Foundations That Abuse Their Superpower, Convening

Mark Rosenman’s new report Caring to Change reminded me of my own scattered but at times impassioned critique of foundation practice. No matter how honorable the program officers, the inherent power difference between funders and nonprofits must be openly acknowledged by professionals on both sides of the funding line. Pretending it doesn’t exist or that[…]