Your Organization's Donation Page

How are you inviting people to invest? Offering opportunities for your group’s fans to engage? Creating a chance for individuals to connect to the work. Fans are the ones who can give donations and create buzz and push a movement. Does your donations page read something like this? Grassroots Gifts Participation is powerful. $10 each[…]

Social Media for Charity? Or for Social Change?

So, the charity vs. social change is not a new debate. The tools have changed, and that’s what opens up possibilities for doing more, better of each. Where I’ve always come down is the world needs both front line responsive charity and systemic solutions to tough root problems. As a good friend and trusted colleague[…]

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models for Giants

Stanford Social Innovation Review includes a brilliant paper that is very useful for the social enterprise/nonprofit leadership field, Ten Nonprofit Funding Models. But as usual, the Bridgespan Group researchers are looking only at the largest nonprofits. Their models were created by looking only at the relatively small group of huge nonprofit orgs (The NonProfit Times’[…]

Working With Major Donors During a Tough Economy

Guest Post from David Robinson-Slemp, Development Director, Joe’s Movement Emporium (Mt. Rainier, Maryland). David is a friend and colleague from our work together raising money in Indian Country and in the local community arts scene. He offers this idea as a personal approach to major prospects and “high-influence” donors, especially for an organization in the[…]

Hurry! End of Year Fundraising Letters

It’s winter holiday season, a time when board members and staff of organizations who have neglected the necessary work to build their annual fund (we know who we are…) think, hey, maybe we should get a solicitation letter in the mail. Yes, in most cases, you probably should, at least to the people on your[…]

Why Boards Don't Fundraise

The causes of the common problem of a board not working on fundraising generally vary around a few themes. We don’t know what to do or how to do it We don’t know why to do it We don’t trust whoever told us to do it We have other priorities as a board We don’t[…]

To Raise Money, You Need…

An excerpt from an off-the-top-of-my-head note I sent last week to a friend inquiring about getting fundraising help for her friend’s start-up organization, which has so far been funded by that friend, the founder. The note turns out to be a list of things you really need to be putting in place to raise money:[…]