Amy Kincaid

Founder and Principal

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Amy-BWAmy Kincaid has been responsible for securing over $66 million for organizations working on economic development, arts and culture, sustainability, and international development. She has worked on several start-up organizations, turnarounds, and collaborations between local businesses and nonprofit organizations

Amy developed the grantmaking program for the 1st US-Soviet foundation; worked with organizations in Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Albania; built one of the earliest online employment listing services (specializing in social service and social change jobs); and has presented countless times (we’re not kidding) on planning, strategy, program design, turnarounds, social enterprise, and funding.

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO in a family of main street entrepreneurs, she now lives in a small town on the edge of Washington, DC in an even smaller home where she and her husband battle clutter and the tyranny of children’s sport and music schedules. She’s a second generation Kansas Jayhawk who grew up in the Show-Me State, so appreciates March Madness and has a radical commitment to a just cause, humility, and practicality. An occasionally exhibiting artist, Amy serves on the Board of Directors for Pyramid Atlantic and curates an alternative gallery at a local café. She teaches Writing for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland.

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