What social value is your business creating?

What type of social value or environmental value is your business creating?

Most for-purpose businesses and social enterprises are driven by one value theme. The meaningful, powerful, driving social or environmental value exists primarily in

• the thing (product or service) that you do or make,

• the way you do it (being different from the typical way that others do it in your industry), or

• the people with whom and the place in which you do it.

An example of the doing or making: solar cooker and lighting ventures. Of the methods: Busboys & Poets, which sources locally, partners with the nonprofit Teaching for Change bookstore, and is a Certified B Corp. And of the people and place: Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, NY.

And then turning the focus to you, as an entrepreneur or a workteam member or a leader: in your work and career, what is the driving value that you are creating? Is it in the things you do or make, or the way you do it, or in whom you work for/with?