Every Wall A Door, Every Door A Window

The last thing any social entrepreneur needs towards the beginning of the year is a list. Really.

No “best and worst” chart, comparing broad success and failure of others, will determine which decisions you should make.

No numerical recounting of what happened (or didn’t), whether from recent memory or distant past, could determine what you will (or won’t) attempt.

No forecast of assumptions, drawn from insights already known, can dictate the challenges and opportunities you must navigate.

We could add more, but then we’d have a list. See the problem?

Instead of compiling a list, as per habit, we ask you to take a moment– just one moment– at this end of the year to thank everyone involved in your efforts this year– including you. We ask you also simply to think about your year of social enterprise, and remember why you’ve chosen the work you do.

Appreciate this time to consider your work in perspective, as you archive all business suggestions, consolidate every unanswered email and voicemail messages, inventory each idea remaining on your soon-to-be-clean desk. Then begin the next year with the knowledge and gratitude that what you do matters all year long.

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