Dec 15 Workshop in DC: Social Enterprise in Progressive Organizations

On Dec 15, 2010 SALSA and ChangeMatters will host a special seminar for social change leaders who want to explore social enterprise as a revenue driver. Registration is required [$110 early bird fee; $125 after Dec 1] and materials will be provided. RSVP or learn more on the SALSA website.

We’re hard at work, planning our upcoming half-day Washington DC workshop on the opportunities (and challenges) of social enterprise for progressive/social change organizations.

This seminar is both professionally exciting and personally important for many reasons. We’re thrilled for the chance to work again with SALSA (Social Action & Leadership School for Activists) one of our favorite nonprofit training resources.

For all of the enthusiasm surrounding social enterprise, we continue to face a mixed reality  for social ventures in the US. The term carries both a tacit meaning and implicit value in the areas of international development and human services. When it comes to linking nonprofit innovation with business strategies to achieve systemic social change, an awareness gap persists among progressive groups.

This seminar is especially geared to leadership and senior staff of existing organizations, in addition to social entrepreneurs themselves, interested in exploring their options, particularly through earned revenue. We’re eager to help groups find other ways to generate vital resources during these particularly challenging times. We also want to show emerging entrepreneurs ways to expand and sustain their advocacy, outreach, and information sharing capacity ahead.

No longer constrained by traditional (if not vague) measurements of “impact”, a growing base of diverse activity bring a sensibility rooted in balancing fiscal performance, shareholder responsibility, and stakeholder accountability.

This new world of social enterprise continues to offer new ways of defining, combining, and applying the smart work of effective nonprofits, small businesses, public-private partnerships, and hybrid organizations actively solving community and environmental challenges. We’re grateful for the chance to help more voices add their knowledge and experience to this momentum.

Please join us, and share the word with colleagues!