Not Your Mentor's Nonprofit Sector Conference

It has been two weeks since the Social Enterprise Summit/World Forum conference in San Francisco. I am still following up on contacts, good and crazy ideas, and only now looking through scores of handwritten notes for highlights. Where I imagine I will uncover even more cool ideas.

Find more photos like this on wdydwyd?

This slideshow is part of the project wdydwyd (Why Do You Do What You Do) by visual artist-social enterprise strategist-and great guy Tony Deifell.

Over 700 participants from at least 30 countries. Note to file: We in North America are running behind the rest of the world in this field. Economic structures are different, which is an enormous factor, but the models for innovation in social enterprise are in the UK and Australia and maybe elsewhere.

So, here’s the take-away vibe: open, collegial, purposeful, cooperative, and smart, smart, smart. I overheard—and participated in—conversations in which we honestly listening and troubleshooting with each other. Felt like a community around social purpose entrepreneurship—idea people and roll-up-the-sleeves builders and advisors and investors in the business of social change. Honestly, it was cool and I have to encourage anyone thinking about attending in future years to just do it.

For more of a taste: check the Twitter hashtag #socent10, Gene Takagi’s Twitter highlights, Cause Capitalism’s notes from one of the breakout session on disruptive philanthropy, blog posts by two selected bloggers.

Update: And a post from Peter Holbrook, who is leading social enterprise from London.